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Sometimes it works out fine

We love poetry submissions! It’s an added bonus when it comes from a talented rapper, Eliturite @eliturite, who turned these words into a song.

"The song is about looking around and realizing that while things might be shitty, things sometimes work out. Knowing what you can and can’t control is a good start." -Eliturite


Sometimes you gotta take the good with the bad

and when it’s uneven

if I’m breathing

I grab the pad and pen.

I get to writing and whether or not it’s lightning

my spirits get lifted and the burdens they lighten.

I’m citing my own observations, relaying my findings.

So, every step I make, I leave a trail of words behind me.

And When I look up, I know exactly how I got here,

not the women,

the weed,


or a light-beer

have placed me quite near enough to my own center.

So, if my head is spinning I breathe in

and remember, that every vibe I receive that it is me that’s the sender,

so in my house I remove my muddy shoes before I enter.

It seems so simple and maybe that’s why it works.

Sometimes you can’t believe this shit until you try it first.

The way I see it, I could ride in a vibrant hearse or sit quietly acknowledging that it could be worse.

Sometimes this life be handing you some shit baby.

Sometimes you gotta except how it is

Sometimes I’m feeling like we’re about to go crazy,

But sometimes it works out fine

The accompanied Illustration by Richmond Now! founder, Rian L. Moses @seaplus_rlmoses can be found in Richmond Now!: Volume 3.

We hope you enjoy the song “Sometimes” by Ant The Symbol @antthesymbol & Eliturite @eliturite. You can find this song on Ant The Symbol's album titled, Air, found on all music streaming platforms and cassette. This music video was shot by Golden Bean Media @goldenbeanmedia

Thanks HearRVA @hearrva for turning us on to local musicians in our city. The curated Apple Music playlist they made for Volume 2 can be found here.

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