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In Volume 2: Richmond Now! We hooked up with HearRVA who curated a playlist of Richmond, VA music artists speaking on the present issues in our city.

More about HearRVA

HearRVA is a platform that aims to bring together many genres of Richmond music and its history. HearRVA has created a space to learn about new albums and events happening in and around the city. We want people to discover us because we promoted their favorite artist, but stay because of the wide range of quality Richmond artists that we spotlight. If someone leaves our platform or event without finding another artist that they can support, we have failed. We want HearRVA to be the tree that connects all the branches of Richmond’s music scene.

We aim to build the HearRVA brand into the premier music outlet for central Virginia. We are working towards hosting live music events, exclusive online content, creating merchandise that unites the music community and supports the city's youth in their pursuit of artistic growth. 

You can always HearRVA here.

Find the playlist on Apple Music by searching: Richmond Now 2020

We hope you enjoy each of these artists and give them a follow.

Follow @HearRVA on Instagram as well.

Music artist:

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