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What Richmond Now! Means To Us


As COVID-19 raged and George Floyd was killed, protests in support of #BlackLivesMatter rose up around the country and have stayed strong in Richmond, Virginia. Richmond Now! Is an idea from both myself and Rian Moses-Hedrick. We both wanted to use our skills, collaboration and shared power to document history before it is rewritten. This project has been a wonderful way to preserve and share memories from and with the Richmond community. Our history has constantly been re-written, normally in support of white supremacy. This has been a chance to preserve information and share it to educate ourselves. It has been my greatest honor to be a collaborator in this project. Please join us and learn more @RichmondNow2020 on social media.


Rian hopped onto the opportunity to create Richmond Now! with Virginia as a way to cope with the stress and anxiety COVID-19 brought and the despair as she saw another human’s life taken by people who do not value respect. This project gave Rian a way to navigate through social media posts with purpose and not become triggered by the countless videos and images of a country hurting itself. Richmond Now!, created a way to protest but also educate the community about the shift that is happening in Richmond, VA and beyond. It’s hard to hold discussions with people about change if they don’t understand the vocabulary and context. The coloring activity books provide an interactive and non threatening space for discussion to happen whether you are four-years-old or eighty four-years-old. We hope you enjoy the downloads and applaud you for taking the steps to understand and heal a community.

Team: Team


Co-Founder & Director

Rian L. Moses is an Art and Media Director and has been a tutor for Richmond Public Schools. Richmond, VA has been her home since 2006 when she attended Virginia Commonwealth University School of the Arts. Rian’s personal artwork is inspired by organic forms below the water’s surface. The rhythm and flow of water is calming for the mind and allows her to escape and create. She enjoys drawing with fine line pens, painting with acrylics and watercolor, collage, and using the computer to create art.


To view Rian’s work please visit and follow their Instagram account @seaplus_rlmoses online.



Co-Founder & Contributor

Virginia Murphy is an artist and art educator living in Richmond, Virginia. She has been teaching for 8 years in Title I, rural and online schools. Her artwork, normally centered around fantasy landscapes, incorporates paint, found materials, stenciling and digital media. Her works are mostly shared virtually.

To learn more visit  and follow @art_with_virginia on social media.

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