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Richmond For All

Updated: Jul 18, 2020

For Volume 1: Richmond Now!, we asked the public to make donations to Richmond For All because we believe they are an organization that is truly working for ALL of us and trying to make Richmond, VA a better city. They listen to their members and because of that, they have accomplished so much. We encourage you to check out their website and see where your talents can best serve the community.


Richmond For All is a coalition of individuals and organizations fighting for housing, education, environmental, & racial justice. Y'all means all!


Richmond For All is a member-funded and member-governed organizing community. We don’t live single-issue lives and we don’t pick single-issue fights. Through collectivized resources we have power to choose the fights that represent our lived experiences. 

We rise together.

  • Fighting privatization of public resources

  • Contesting for power through municipal and state elections

  • Prioritizing policies that advance the needs of the working class

  • Advancing the work of an organization that is member-funded and member-led: unbought and unbossed


Richmond For All’s work is supported through the invested capacity of approximately 250 incredible volunteer staff members. All of our staffers commit to collective organizing through one meeting a month and 4 hours of dedicated time and work between meetings.


Our members are an inspiring body of over 160 organizers, families, workers, advocates, students, and residents fighting to ensure grassroots power citywide. Collectively we organize in defense of public resources, in support of transformed democratic process, and for people-first representation in municipal elections. We strive to be unbought and unbossed. Interested in becoming a member? Learn more!

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