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A Better Day Than Yesterday

A Better Day Than Yesterday Initiative Program Association (A Better Day) is committed to the reunification of families and strengthening the connection between children and their incarcerated parent(s). In 2016, LeTeisha Gordon, Founder of A Better Day, recognized the need for bridging the gap between incarcerated family members and their children.

Richmond Now!: Volume 4 wanted to bring attention to what this organization is doing for our community. If you have the means and are looking for ways to make an impactful difference, please consider donating to A Better Day and see how you can become involved.

Ms. Gordon acknowledged the harsh reality that children were devastated by the abrupt loss of their parent(s) and unable to form or maintain a secure connection to their incarcerated parent(s). She recognized the familiar pain of many children shaken by the sentencing of a parent because Ms. Gordon once walked in the same space. She understood all too well the feelings of hopelessness, and emotional turmoil most children feel when a parent is incarcerated. In response to witnessing the lack of support many families experience during the incarceration period, Ms. Gordon created a variety of programs designed to help children, youth, families, and incarcerated parents manage their new family structure, connect to viable resources within the community, and help them prepare for the re-entry back into their respective communities.


A Better Day would love to Educate, Empower, and Equip at-risk families on how to overcome adversities caused by incarceration, divorce, and military deployments.

The goal is to guide and empower parents affected by the system to maximize their potential, strengthen their families, increase their opportunities for successful reintegration into society and to become productive citizens of their communities.

A Better Day serves individuals who have had an encounter with the criminal justice system, and families impacted by incarceration, divorce, or deployment.

Learn more about A Better Day by visiting:

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