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Richmond Community Bail Fund

Updated: Jul 18, 2020

We asked people who downloaded Volume 1: Richmond Now!, to donate to the Richmond Community Bail Fund because of the work they do for the forgotten and underserved defendants who are unable to post bail. We implore you visit their website to read up on the stats and hopefully make a donation or volunteer with this organization.

Our Mission

The Richmond Community Bail Fund exists to restore the presumption of innocence to defendants so they don't lose their jobs, families and critical services while also reducing the financial burden on our community of detaining citizens prior to their day in court.


of all local jail inmates are legally innocent pretrial detainees

$9.1 billion

the yearly cost to all U.S. counties for holding pretrial detainees in county jails.  That’s 100% tax payer money.

The Response

A community bail fund that provides cash bail to defendants who cannot afford to pay it. As a revolving bail fund, donations will benefit multiple clients over time as funds are returned following the disposition of trials.

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