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Volume 5: Richmond Now!

Calling all local artists, educators, writers, activists, and beyond. Richmond Now! Is asking for your submissions to Volume 5 of the Richmond Now! activity book.


For Volume 5 we would like to discuss “Boundaries”. All through history people have pushed the boundaries to make room for change. Society has created boundaries for "protection" to keep things in or keep things out. Lines have been drawn and/or crossed regarding personal boundaries. How do the many definitions of boundaries apply to Richmond, VA? Why have boundaries been created? Who are the individuals, groups, and ideas that have highlighted these invisible and physical line?


Please submit your Black Lives Matter aligned, but not limited to, ideas in an all ages activity book format; puzzles, coloring book pages, writing prompts, song lyrics, articles, photography, video, community resources, etc. We ask that you make your submission interactive for the viewer. Take a look at our previous issues for inspiration.

Deadline: Monday, July 12, 2021 11:59PM EST

Artist Call: Welcome
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